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Setting to turn off confirmed booking by default

In our particular case, and no doubt in the case of many other venues, our practice is to make a booking, send a confirmation, and then as the guest to confirm the booking after checking that the details are correct.  That way, we can tell if they have checked the details and agree that the date, time and pax are correct.

Can we please have somewhere where each venue can decide whether or not the 'Confirmed' flag should be set as yes or no by default?

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Hi Robert,

There is an option via 'Settings' > 'Details' >'Other Details' > ''Bookings Confirmed by Telephone with Guest"

 This allows for default settings of confirmation to;

  • Not Confirmed (the user/guest would need to confirm manually)
  • Confirmed (in all cases)
  • Confirmed Today (bookings made on the same day as visit only)

A short guide on this setting here -> How do I confirm my bookings by telephone?

Kind regards,


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