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Restaurant Name to be listed on the booking widget

We would like to please request that the name of the restaurant be listed at the top of the widget. 

I have attached a screen shot for reference. 

We have a number of restaurants who have now mentioned that it is not clear which restaurant you are booking. Particularly with Groups with multiple providers. 

If there was the option to switch the name on and off that would be helpful as well, so maybe if this could be an option in the widget configurator?

Thank you,


TP Widget.PNG
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Hi Team

Wanted to follow on from the above request - this is something that we have had increasing questions about. Is there any update?

The name of the restaurant is noted at the top of the group widget once you select a venue, so if the same logic could be made available on the individual provider widget, this way the name of the restaurant would be displayed. 

Attached is the provider name noted at the top of the group widget for reference. 



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