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No Show - Pre Authorise amount


At the moment the resdiary system only allows the two options of asking for customers card details or taking a physical deposit from them, and does not allow for the 'holding of a deposit' in the event of a no show or late cancellation.

I have seen that on stripe you are able to authorise a payment 


Is there any way of having this feature instead of taking a payment from the customer when they make the reservation? So an actual deposit is not taken but it is just captured? The issue we have had is clients book, card details are given and then if they don't show and they don't have sufficient monies on their card it will decline and we lose out. If we take a deposit then there is a lot more admin, if the customer cancels and we have to refund them back.

With the current climate, this feature would be amazing. The no shows are something that is putting this industry at even more risk

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Or another option which would be great is to pre-authorise the amount instead of taking the payment where it states the payment in the customers booking details.

example URL  -

this way we can call clients 24-hours before confirming numbers of the reservation and take a holding deposit and no need to log into the stripe account to take a holding deposit.


Hi Enver!

I completely agree with your suggestion for Resdiary here. A pre-authorisation method would be helpful for us too and would involve less manual work around refunding deposits etc.

I have checked out what Stripe offer and looks like this would need connecting into Resdiary too for it to work how we're suggesting!

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