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Booking Widget - UI Issues & Customer Complaints

We have had a number of customers have a negative experience using the booking widget on our website and social media. They arrive at our door under the impression that they have made a booking with us, but instead they have experienced a drawn out ordeal where they are left disappointed and upset.

I noticed that if a customer clicks around the 'Resdiary' logo at the top left, they are brought to a Dish Cult splash page that reads 'I am looking for a restaraunt', 'I am a restaraunt'. They have to commence the search process for our restaraunt from the beggining, this is a massive deterrant. It could easily lead our customers booking a different restaraunt altogether. The traffic comes from the booking widget on our website or socials, why doesn't it link to our microsite on Dish Cult/Resdiary directly?

Customers are forced to create an account with Dish Cult before they complete making a booking. Often, they mistake the confirmation email for the creation of their Dish Cult account for a booking confirmation and don't proceed with completing the booking process.

We have had a number of customers understandably upset and frustrated. 

Are you aware of the issues with the booking widget, and what are you planning to do to solve them?

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