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Close Out individual 15 minute time slots per table

I would like to close just one table at a particular time slot e.g. 7:15pm without having to close it for the average duration of a booking via 'Close Individual Tables or time slots'

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Hi there, 

I haven't seen/ found any answer to this question. Did anyone sort a nice solution for this?




The function to close out an individual time slot is not currently available.

Our 'Individual Table Close Out' will block a chosen table for the average table time e.g. 60m

For some of our customers this is too long a time to close the table and they need a smaller time interval made unavailable on a given table.

We have factored this in to a plan to re-develop close outs but we don't have a solution for you as yet.

If you would be able to further assist with this development by providing me with the scenario in which this function would be of use then it would be much appreciated.

Kind regards,



We would really appreciate this being implemented ASAP too! To give you a scenario:

Busy Friday night, had to overbook a certain time slot (say 19.45) due to large party bookings. we therefore don't want to book any more 20.00 bookings to prevent pressure in the kitchen and delaying guests. With a manual close-out option, I can block out any tables I need in 15 - 30 slots to manually control my allocations, both via internet bookings and internally for other staff to see without me needing to communicate the details to them all. If I understand, with the current set up the system won't consider allocation limits over a time period, only individual time slots? 

Hope this helps!

The Cott team


This does seem a common scenario that you have outlined. Our two options for closing entire time slots or a table for the standard duration would seem limited to help you respond to an overbooked timeslot.

I will keep this in mind and hope that we can get this included in our development schedule in the not too distant future.

Kind regards,


Has there been any update with this in regards to opening with Covid restrictions? - would be good to be able to stagger tables by 15min/30min arrivals

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I totally agree with Neil Harding on this one!!! To be able to close out individual tables and the TIMES would make life MUCH MUCH easier!!! 

Is there any development on this??? I've tried to work it out from a different angle but quite impossible!!!!

Great to see this has now been implemented.


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