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Option to remove comments on widget


I wish to have the comment section removed form the booking widget.   As we get no notifications that a customer has left a comment sometimes we do not see these until the day of the booking by which time its too late to deal with.

Please remove this facility I would rather customers call to discuss.



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Hi Stuart,

We aren't currently planning to remove the comments section on booking widgets, but I appreciate that on the occasion where unrealistic requests are added this could cause you some issues. We do often find that when content added to this section is important e.g. allergies/wheelchair access that it is more beneficial to know about this in advance than upon arrival and that many customers will not phone or are able to reach you at the time of booking.

If it's okay with you, I am going to combine your request to send you alerts specifically when comments are added with an existing improvement request.

This way we can update you on any progress on this development.

Kind regards,