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Turn time on reservations for a certain number of guests

We are seven restaurants that need more choices in the Turn Time function. The most important thing is to implement an option for Turn Time on reservations over a certain number of guests. For example, all reservations with more than 10 guests. It is important that we can choose the number ourselves.

It should also be possible to choose to have Turn Time on specific days, periods, promotions or tables.

For us, this would save us many hours of work as we have to make fictitious bookings before and after large reservations to have some time between for cleaning etc.

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By having turn time on big groups in weekends would free A LOT of the hosts time during service and when reviewing the bookings for the weekends. A lot of resources go by during service to effectively clear and set a table  when there are big groups booked back to back because there was not put a fictitious cleaning time of 15 mins before another big group booked.
And with the only setting availible for "turn time" at the moment, we will loose a lot of table time for guests that book smaller tables that can be cleaned and set in under one minute. 

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Am I missing something here?   Can’t we already do this within Setup under Services?  The Average Time Rues tab?  You could change for specific times using different segments if it’s a rotational thing.

It would be great if the ability to override the average time rules when clicking the spanned on the diary (ie an additional option together with Unallocate, join tables, and rules exceptions)

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