This section is where you control email notifications that customers receive and also notifications that you receive.


Located in Settings > Restaurant > Details > Notification Settings


Booking Notifications

  • Restaurant Email - This is where your confirmation emails, post dining emails etc get sent from.

           (Please note this must be your own domain, email addresses containing Gmail, Outlook, AOL, BTinternet etc will not work)

Forward bookings that match the following criteria

Here you can choose what you want to be notified of:

  • For Example - Bookings for parties of more than 1 or 4 or 6 or 10 etc
  • Tick box to receive notification from the list below
  • Add email address to where the notifications have to be sent to (multiple email addresses can be added)

Daily Feedback Notifications

Enter an email address to receive notification when a customer has left you feedback and tick box

Daily Summary Notifications

Enter an email address to receive daily summary notifications and tick box

Close Out Notifications

Enter an email address to receive a notification of any closeouts added to the diary

VIP Notification

Enter email address to receive notification of VIP customers and tick boxes

Email and SMS Reminders

Here you choose the time when reminder emails and or SMS get sent prior to arrival

You can also choose not to send reminders from the list below;

Post Booking Emails

Choose when to send your post booking emails by entering amount of minutes after departure and tick box

Function Enquiry Notifications

Enter email address to be notified of customer function enquiries and function cancellation enquiries and tick box