Menu Upload

Why Upload Menus?

The richer your content the more likely diners will book.  Uploading menus allows your free listing to provide all the information a diner may want to browse prior to deciding to book your restaurant instead of another. Upload your menus into key categories in and if you have menu’s in multiple languages these can be tagged and diners are automatically presented with the right version


Business Benefits

  1. Present diners with all the information to entice them to book your restaurant.
  2. Provide diners the appropriate language version on
  3. Provide links in your ResDiary emails so that all diners have access to the latest menus.

How to Upload Menus

To add a menu to your microsite, save a PDF version of your menu to your device.

Click on Settings > Venue > Venue and Microsite Details > Microsite Menus > Add Menu

Choose a unique menu name > select menu category > select language > upload the PDF file > the menu URL will auto generate for you > tick to display online and select to always display or to display for a specific date range> click add then update to save.

To remove a menu; 

Go to Settings > Venue > Venue and Microsite Details > Microsite Menus > click the trash bin icon to delete