What is 'Manage Bookings by Channel'?

Manage Bookings by Channel is used by sophisticated operators that want to control the amount of covers and/or bookings that they accept from various different online channels. This feature allows a restaurant to continue to accept bookings via some channels (e.g. their own home page) while closing availability for other channels (e.g. the Resdiary Portal). 


Business Benefits

  1. Ensure that 'paid for' bookings are only accepted on days-services that require an additional revenue lift.
  2. Ensure that you are not paying for bookings when you do not need to because you will be full via free channels.
  3. Target your marketing expenditure with 100% precision by using this feature with Manage Booking Channels


How Manage Bookings by Channels works

Manage bookings by channel allows you to:

  1. Add a rule (or rules) that sets an online maximum amount of cover (and / or) bookings) per Day and per Service.
  2. Add a rule (or rules)  that sets a maximum amount of covers (and / or) bookings) per Day and per Service for each individual online channel that is configured to book into your restaurant. Note: In reality it is only necessary to restrict those sites that regularly and heavily book your restaurant.
  3. Activate your Global Online max cover rule by configuring a limit and/or activate your Global Online max booking rule by configuring a limit. Then leave it at that or move on to setup individual rules per booking channel.

Go to Settings> Table Management>Manage Bookings by Channels>Choose the segment you wish to alter>

Example - Here we have an active online restriction by covers, you can also have simultaneous restrictions by bookings

Lets take a further look as to what this is - (to edit click the edit icon beside the trash can)

Example - You can see here we have 100 at lunch, 100 at brunch, 100 lunch and 50 at dinner

To add a restriction to a specific Channel - Add Restriction


Choose which Channel you want to add the restriction to from the drop down menu - Type -  either covers or bookings

Add in your restrictions, this can also vary by day (see Dinner for Thursday, Friday and Saturday)

This feature allows you to accept bookings from online sources while restricting others.