It is possible with ResDiary to close-out your entire restaurant for individual tables until the end of service, until the end of day, for the standard booking duration or until a specific time.  You can close-out as many individual time tables as required.

Once a close-out is in place no new bookings can begin during that time period.  Bookings which begin before the close-out can still overlap with the closed time. 

To close out a specific table

Step 1.
Go to the date in the diary you wish to add a close-out time for.  Select the "Close-out Management Console" in the top right hand corner of the main diary page


Step 2.
Click the 'close individual tables or timeslots' option

Step 3.

Click a square on the grid view in relation to a table and time slot you wish to close

Step 4.

Choose to close it for the service/ day/ for a stand booking duration or until a custom timeslot

Step 5.

Click create close out

Step 6.

Click the 'x' next to return to the normal diary.

Please click here to see a video here on how to access, use and save these options.  

Video Guide