It is possible with ResDiary to close-out your entire restaurant for individual time-slots or an individual table for the length of the average time rule set for its cover size.  You can close-out as many individual time-slots and tables as required

Once a close-out is in place no new bookings can begin during that time period.  Bookings which begin before the close-out can still overlap with the closed time.  Please click here for more information on how this works.

To close-out individual tables or time-slots:

1) Click on the button in the top right hand corner of the main diary screen

2) This will open the Close-out Console

3) Click the button to enter edit mode. While in this mode you will see a red box at the top of the screen with an X to return to the regular diary

4) While in Edit Mode each time-slot has a tick box below it.  You can click the tick-box to close-out the entire restaurant for the corresponding time-slot only.

Or you can close out individual tables by clicking the square in the diary which corresponds to the table and the time you would like the close-out to begin

5) Once completed press the 'X' on the  to exit the edit mode return to the normal diary view

Video Guide