Promote - Promotions

Are some of your areas only available for drinks bookings? Do you have specific areas that are dog-friendly? Perhaps you'd like to differentiate areas that are wheelchair-accessible from areas that involve high stools?

A great way to highlight this to the customer is to use promotions. 

Get started with our tutorial video: 

Do your customers want to book specific areas of your venue from your booking widget? ResDiary’s promotion tool allows you to separate your bookings by area. This tutorial will guide you through the process of setting up promotions for individual areas.

Not sure where to start with promotions? This film covers the basics to help you get started:

Step One | Create your promotion

  • Go to Promote > Promotions
  • Click on

Step Two | Promotions Info Tab

The first tab is info page where you set the basics up:

For the example of Area Specific Promotions - you will want to make it clear to the customer that by booking this promotion they will be placed in that specific area

Step Three | Areas Tab

The Areas Tab will be the most important tab when setting up area specific promotions. 

In this situation - you will want to be careful that you select REQUIRED for the particular area this promotion is for - this means that if the customer select this promotion they WILL always go into that area.

Using the Above example: say my promotion in this example was for the Bar Area - I would make sure to just tick AVAILABLE and REQUIRED for ONLY the Bar Dining Area (Normal Operations). This means this promotion will only feed bookings into that particular area. 

Please note that any areas that exist in inactive segments will be hidden by default but can still be accessed - just click "Show" to view.

Step Three | Channels Tab

Let's dissect this tab further: 

Step Four | Validity Tab

Validity table is for when you will accept bookings for this promotion - when the promotion is valid from and until. 

  • Click on 'Create Validity Period'
  • This will open the validity details box:

In this example of Area Specific promotions - you might want to consider having it running into the foreseeable future and so change the end date to a few years ahead.

Once you have completed all the above details select 'ADD' which will be highlighted in blue

Step Five | Save and Repeat

Now you can save your Promotion.

For the other area(s) repeat the same steps but make sure to select the other areas

Step Six | Test

The best way to get an idea of how it will appear to the customer is to check your website itself or go to Promote - Dishcult Listing

This opens up your Dishcult page which adheres to all your diary set up and rules. 

Give it a test drive!