ResDiary Plus lets you run your service even if you are offline. 

However from time to time when you go back online you may get a 'Sync Failure'

This happens when there is a conflict within your bookings such as:

 - Bookings overlapping

 - A current booking on the table at the time you have tried to book

 - Bookings that have a duration that will overlap

How to get rid of your 'Un-synched booking'

1 - Click on the sync failure button - This will show up all the bookings that are still failed to upload

2 - You can from here edit the booking or delete it from your iPad App

3 - Once you edit the table it will search for availability - Click on the table number to choose a table that is available then complete the reservation - This will get rid of all of your Failed Booking uploads


What has happened is that there is a conflict within your diary