You can attach unique channels and promotions to a single widget.  

Do you have a VIP offer that you only want to show on your ''VIP'' bespoke channel?

Perhaps you have a facebook only special offer that you only want to offer to guests booking on social media? See how to do this below.

Go to promote > promotions.

Here, you will find a full list of you past, present or future promotions, or you can create a brand new promotion.

If you would like to create a new channel, please follow these easy steps;

Go to >Promote>Online Facilities>Manage Booking Channels

*Please note, if you cannot see the option for 'Manage Booking Channels' you will need to check the menu items accessible via the 'Users' section.

Create a new channel in a few easy steps:.

  • Select 'Add

  • Name the channel (this will auto-generate a CODE)
  • Pick a colour to associate to the channel
  • Click the tick icon to save

To control which channel your promotion is available on, go to promote > promotions > click the edit icon to open the promotion > go th the third tab called ''Channels''. 

Here, you can choose which channel the promotion is available on by simply clicking, or unclicking the relevant channel. Just be sure to press save when you are finished.