You can attach unique channels and promotions to a single widget. 

For example do you have a VIP offer (s) that you only want to show on your ''VIP'' bespoke channel?

Perhaps you have a Facebook-only special offer that you only want to offer to guests booking on social media? See how to do this below.

If you need to create a new channel, then please follow the guide here

If you require to create a brand new promotion, then you can do this by following this guide 

First, update the promotion you want bookable through the channel by going to promote - promotions - edit the promotion - select the channels tab:

Here, you can choose which channel the promotion is available on by simply clicking or unclicking the relevant channel. Remember and save at the foot of the page.

To attach that channel or promotion to a booking widget go to promote - online facilities - widget configurator and follow this guide.

Under channel code attach the channel you just created

Under Fixed promotion attach the promotion you just created

To save press continue under the calendar preview.

Then test the booking widget to make sure the correct promotion (s) are showing on the widget to be bookable.

The only promotions that should show is the promotions that you have attached to the channel you have attached to the widget.

If you would like one single URL for your widget to embed, link to or share via social media (or a marketing email), you can follow this guide here for more info.

If your promotion is for a date in the future and you would like the widget URL to jump to that date automatically (rather than show today's date by default), you can learn how to add specific parameters (eg. a specific date or time) in this guide here.

Note: If you want only certain promotions to show via a certain channel please ask the Support Team to help you to add a blocker by emailing