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  • Group by;    CHANNEL
    • Sub-group by; VISIT DATE

See a video here on how to reproduce using the new report. Key thing to select is the date range for the future bookings you wish to see:

All the Channel headings will display in bold and by adding editing the List Settings, you can edit the information you want to see and what order it is displayed in 

Additional Improvements to this new report; 

(plus) Option for totals to show in %

(plus) Choice of channels/all

(plus) Choice of venues / all

(plus) Options to further sub-group

(plus) Spend and duration insights

Please note that we have separated the statuses of 'Cancelled' and 'Waiting' (Standby) from the booking report.

* This is to allow total calculations of bookings to display accurately and a separate cancellations report is available.