Do you need to make your last booking time earlier than normal on certain days of the week or for the new few weeks? 

Do you need to close off just one dining area in your diary for the next few weeks? 

No problem, follow the steps below to get this in place in your diary. 

Step 1. 

Please go to settings > close outs

Step 2.

Go to the very bottom of the page and click ''add new period'' 

Step 3.

Build your bespoke close out.

NOTE- Make sure your type = periodic so you can choose how long this close out should be in place for, and the days of the week it should apply to.  

Click ADD, and that will save in place for you. 

Pro Tips. 

You can always check if a close out has been added correctly by going back to your diary and having a look. 

Remember, white space is what represents time slots that are available to be booked. 

When I add this close out and go back to my diary, I can see the white space stops at 20.45pm and is covered by my blue close out, which is also covering all of my areas. 

We would also suggest popping on to your online booking booking and making a quick test booking to make sure everything looks correct and to your specifications. 

You always pop back to settings > close outs > find your close out in the list > click edit, should you ned to make any changes at all.


Alternatively, please see a video guide below;