As a ResDiary customer, you receive a free listing on to drive more bookings to your venue. To get this to display there is some key information that we require from you, which we have detailed below:

Please note:  Your Dish Cult listing will not show if any of the key information mentionned above is missing. If you do make changes or edits to your site, this can also cause your site to not show for 10-15mins while it repopulates with the new information. If your microsite isn't showing, you can login into your diary and visit Promote>Online Facilities>Edit Microsite Data to check you have completed all the key information required.

Adding your Social Media Network

Head to Settings>Venue>Venue and Microsite details>Social Media please ensure that you have linked at least one social media URL, or ylur microsite will not show.

Adding your venue description and opening information 

Go to  Settings>Venue>Venue and Microsite details>Information to add you description and opening information. This info m,ust be included so that your microsite will show.

(The rest of the information helps tell your customer evenmore about your venue, we recommend fill these boxes out too!)

Adding a link to your venue's website

Go to Settings>Venue>Venue and Microsite details >. Below your location details you'll find the following boxes.  Your microsite will not display without adding  the website URL.

Adding your venue's location 

This is crucial so dinners searching for a table in their location, can fuind your venue. 

Go to  Settings>Venue>Venue and Microsite details to add your addres, this will load a map which displays the correct location of your venue. If the map doesn't update correctly after pressing "Update Geolocation" please contact for assistance.

Adding your thumbnail image

Go to Settings>Venue>Images>Click folder on the right hand side called ''microsite'' or ''additional images''.

To add an image, click the blue ''add'' button the right hand side > select the image from your computer (which should be no larger than 500KB) > select ''application image'' (4th tick box). This image will then be added to your images carousel on your microsite.  

Simply click the first tick box, ''main restaurant image'' if you would like the image chosen to show as the main image on your microsite. Please not you need to have at least one image added, for your Microsite to show.

Once you have made sure that all of the required information has been loaded to the diary, your microsite should appear within the next 10/15 minutes. Occasionally it can take slightly longer depending on how much information has to build.