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Chinese version for tags in RD Notifications


For Chinese customers we are sending notification emails in dual languages and SMS message in Chinese 

We are using the notification tags/token in those notification and we would like to display the {DATE} in Chinese version instead of English. 

Eg:  SMS Notification setting as per below:

预订成功!{NAME},您在{RESTAURANT},{COVERS}位的预订.时间为{DATE} {TIME},祝您用餐愉快

SMS received by customer:

Inline images 2

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Hi team, 

Please note that we have around 120 providers that could use this feature in China. 

China market is really specific in regard to language. We need to make sure we address any message correctly so customer and prospect gain trust in using our platform to make bookings. 

By looking at our contactable customer we have approx.3000 contact per month accross all provider. 

Let us know if you need further details. 


Table Plus Application Specialist - Asia Pacific

Accor Plus Corporate Office, Sydney


a: Level 3, 110 Walker Street, North Sydney, NSW, 2060 | Australia

Hi team, 

We can see some improvement made in RD release 11.7 which cover the below request.

Thank you for addressing this. 



Hi Gaelle,

I hope that the new {LOCALISED_DATE} token will help your Chinese customer base.

A lot more improvements for localisation are in the pipeline, please let me know if there is anything in particular that you are looking out for.

Kind regards.


Hi Ewan, 

It's definitely helping. 

There will be more request. 

eg: the {Localised_date} token is based on the "culture name". Go out account in China, some of them would probably keep the Culture=English, so their diary is in English. 

It will be better to associate {Localised_Date} to Country of the venue. So no matter if their diary Language (Culture Name) is kept in English. 

I was able to test the above. It will be another request, unless I didn't use the correct settings at the first place. Could you please confirm that Culture name = language will define the {Localised_date} token? 



Hi Gaelle,

That is correct, {Localised_Date} is in the culture and thus language set.



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