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Turn Time to be as editable as average time & leave time

I would like to suggest that the Turn Time feature be improved to allow us to have a turn time on certain days/times, as well as certain party sizes.

Basically exactly the same as the Average Time/Leave Time rules.

Think it would be invaluable to maximising our Yield even further.

Thank you.

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Hi Sandy,

Variable turn times by date is currently possible only through the creation of a unique segment but this won't allow for party size/time variables.

Mirroring the average time rules is exactly what we would plan to do but it isn't currently in our development schedule.

I will keep this request in mind if we do start working on this.

Thanks again for your feedback.

Kind regards,


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Thank you

I just had a similar request. I think turn time on a specific party size would be invaluable.  I was just wandering if now is a good time to put it on '' to do list'' as Christmas is rapidly approaching and it's been a year since the previous person mention it.

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We are many restaurants that really need this. I hope that we get the feature soon that allows us to choose to use Turn Time only on reservations with a certain number of guests.

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