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SLP bookings going into Incomplete at a set time

Would it be possible for bookings with SLP to go into incomplete at a set time?

Currently, our team are having to check the diary at the start of every service to see what bookings have gone into incomplete (e.g. at 11am and at 5pm) and call accordingly. If a booking for 7.30pm, for example, goes into Incomplete at 7pm, they will miss it.

Therefore, we think it would be much easier if all bookings went into Incomplete at a set time of the day (say, midnight) so that we ensure that once our team have checked all Incomplete bookings and have called, their service is safe from people turning up expecting to have a booking?

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Hi Andy,

Thanks for your feedback on the Stripe landing page function.

I can see the benefit to the team to know the confirmed/unconfirmed bookings status before service starts. Your suggestion of this being scheduled for midnight could allow the next day to display a more accurate picture for the team to contact customers where necessary.

The problem with this is that we are soon to be releasing a function for an automated email to be sent to the customer upon their booking becoming incomplete.

This might not be suitable to go out at midnight to all customers and we are hoping that by instead alerting the customer to the cancellation of their booking within the set timeframe that it will prompt them to contact you.

The automated cancellation will also be audited within the booking history, so if there is any issues with customers showing up, who have not confirmed with card/payment, then this can be referred to if required.

Please let me know if the above sounds like an improvement that will help you and the team.

Kind regards,


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