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customise headings on the booking widget


Would it be possible to customise the headings on the booking widget?

At the moment we have have one box that says "special requirements" and sometimes people misinterpret this and don't let us know until arriving about their dietary requirements. 

I think it would be helpful if I could change the heading to "dietary requirements", and then a separate box for "additional information", i.e. wheelchair access, or birthday, anniversary etc...

Many thanks, 

Hi Stacey,

At the moment, the widget you have on your website allows customers to input information about their booking under the heading 'Comments'

The placeholder content does say "Let us know if you have any special requests and we will do our best to assist. Please note that special requests cannot be guaranteed."

We hope that this doesn't deter your customers from inputting their dietary requirements, but if you want a specific field for this then this can be done via 'Settings' > 'Custom Fields' and following the guide below;

Kind regards,


Thanks very much Ewan. 

I did call customer services and ask if I could change that myself, but was told there isn't the function to do that at the moment. 

Many thanks, I will get that sorted. 


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