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Status bar

Hi team,

is there a way to have all the status colours in one section rather having to keep going back and forth and changing the status?  I have to say this is very annoying.


Hi Brian,

Thanks for getting in touch.

I am not all that sure what you mean, the choices of diary status view can be toggle to your preferences via the button in the upper right hand corner of your diary.

The the other status options that I can think of are the confirmed / payment status icons which you can view by pressing the 'L' button on your keyboard.

If you can let me know what you are referring to and if possible send me a screenshot I can try to further assist.

Kind regards,


Hi Ewan,

Thank you for your reply.  Yes I was referring to the diary status. Rather then having to toggle through each status in the view management are you just able to have it all under one status?

Hope this makes sense.


Hi Brian,

I understand, the status colours do signify different sets of information on each booking though and the purpose of the toggle is to distinguish types of status of the same sort.

For example, most customers keep the Arrival status as their default on the current day/during service as it will let you see at a glance who has arrived, late, finished etc

If however, you are not viewing the current service and are planning ahead, this information is not relevant and you may want to view confirmation status, in which case you would switch the view.

I don't know of too many situations where you would be changing these back and forth but it would help me if you could explain just a little further what kind of information you are generally looking for?

Kind regards,


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