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Temporary information in the emails

I would like to have temporary information in some of eour emails that will dissapear after a day or two. As the situation is now I have to add and delete this manually. Would it be possible to make this a timeslot?

Something like this:

{CONDITION TYPE="INFO" FROM "2018-10-22" TO "2018-11-30"}
Marketing text...

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Hi Marielle,

I think I understand what you are looking for. Just to clarify, the conditional text based on date range is relating to the visit date and not booking made date?

If you could also let me know an example of the content that you are currently adding manually as it might me better address this with an improvement request.

Kind regards,


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Maybe the token can be set to displayed either related to visit date or booking date. 

1. Sometimes we need to inform everyone that has a visit date a specific week, the we are rebuilding and there can be some disturbance. 

2. Also we might want to promote an event in three weeks time.

Hello Ewan, 

You are correct. An example is we are giving all the mony that we gain from selling warm drink to charity for a day. So I want everybode coming that day to have this information. 

We found that the best way to do it is to put the information into the remainder SMS. But the we need to first add the information and the remove it in the evening. 

Maybe this is possible to add a timeslot for this?

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