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Updating responses to customer reviews

Dear Team - currently we are unable to edit and update our responses to customer feedback (reviews). Please can this be addressed as ResDiary moves forward. 

An initial 'holding' response to a customer review is often needed - before a detailed investigation is carried out. Obviously, guests can be contacted via their email - but if they have not instigated that form of communication, email may not be appropriate to use. It would however be appropriate to provide an update via the review response mechanism.

Many thanks.

Sam Roffe

Malvern Inns

1 commentaire

Hi Sam,

Thank you for your feedback.

I agree that if a review was submitted as a direct email, then one initial reply informing the customer that further investigation is needed in order to provide a full and complete response would make complete sense and is fairly normal.

With the ResDiary review function however, the option to 'Add Response' isn't so much a correspondence tool but really only an opportunity to display your point of view beneath the customers review online.

Furthermore, as no notification of your reply is ever sent directly to the customer, they will only ever see the response if visiting your listing on, so in this way doesn't fulfil your intended purpose of sending an initial 'holding' response as they may never see this.

Although we don't have any immediate plans to change this function, this does look to be an area which we can improve, perhaps starting with an alert to customers that have left review that they have received a response or your suggested 'holding response' could be added along with the reply option.

In the meantime, if you are finding any reviews submitted to be inaccurate or contain inappropriate content, you can always select the 'Flag' option to submit this to our attention for possible removal.

Kind regards,