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Running Order Column Width

Would it be an idea to have the running order columns fit what is in them, instead of moving onto a new line mid word?

Hi Lynsey,

Thanks very much for your feedback, I can see what you are referring to with the running order column widths. The width is however fixed as a percentage of the total width of all columns you have chosen to show via 'Report Settings' (guide to these settings here)

Although this is one way of keeping the full running order in view as the screen size expands/contracts, there are certain columns that have little variance e.g. covers/tables and I don't see a requirement for them to expand beyond a certain width. For columns such as customer comments however, the content can vary in length and would be best displayed with the maximum allocation of width possible.

I will assign a task for a review of the way in which we configure the running order to our design team and update you if we do schedule in any changes to this.

Thanks again for getting in touch.

Kind regards,



Hi Ewan,

Would it be possible to amend the width of Event Planner URL column to be fixed with max allocation like customer comments? This would prevent long URL to minimize the size of other columns. 



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