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Pre-order summary report including table numbers

Create a pre-order report that shows the total number of each dish ordered for each table that can be displayed in one report.

I.e  Table 1 - 4 of X dish, 5 of Y etc,

Table 2 - 3 of X, 6 of Y etc 

This would save having to go into each individual booking and having to print or view the pre-order. 

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Hi Dominic,

We have the function within the 'Placecards' section to export pre-orders to CSV.

The exported data does include;

- Table numbers
- Dishes ordered

The missing part is the totals of the dishes ordered.

I have raised the improvement request on your behalf to include this.

What you could try if you are comfortable with formula in spreadsheets, is to export the CSV from placecards and apply the following;

  1. Add  =UNIQUE(F2:I2) anywhere and specify the cell range where all the items are
  2. Enter =COUNTIF(F2:F5, E5) this adds the number of dishes shown in E5
  3. Drag across all dishes to replicate

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