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Booking outside or inside button

Hi , I really thank you should be thinking in the current climate how we can create individual booking areas for inside and outside as people after the 17/5 will still want to book tables outside. I’m even willing to pay more for this service 

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I totally agree and hope this is something that can be made available. At the moment we aren't allowing outside booking online as we dont want people thinking theyve booked a table inside only to be told its outside but by doing this people will check the date and time and think we are fully booked

Ive just set up my diary to show outside availability but only just realised by booking a table myself that as a customer you dont have an option to chose inside or outside, Im pretty sure this would be an easy update.

They've shown me a way to do it using promotions but it asks if they want in or out AFTER theyve selected a time, you would think it best they ask before then show available times in that given area

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That would be better but at least it seems there is a way of letting the customer chose in or out, do you have a link to show how to set it up ? Thanks.

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