Promote - Promotions 

Promotions are one of the most versatile features of ResDiary and there are lots of uses for them. 

Promotions are commonly used to promote a special offer, offer a specific menu, take payment for certain types of booking, or to add specific rules to these. 

Create a basic promotion: 


Advertisement Period is the date range that you would like the promotion to be viewable to customers.

So if a promotion should show online from today, the advertisement period should be today's date, even if the date you can book for is not till a future date. i.e if you want a promotion to show to be bookable from today for Christmas Day then the advertisement start date MUST be todays date

Advertisement = date range the promotion is online

Validity = date of the event, or date you can book for the promotion

eg. Valentine's day

Advertisement = today to 14th Feb

Validity = 14th to 14th Feb

Advanced Promotions: use the links to access specific articles

Add limitations to promotions:

Secure the promotion:

Advertise the promotion on different channels: