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Custom Field Issue

Hi Team,

We've encountered that turning on the Custom field as Required is the group-specific setting for Internal bookings in Resdiary. We would like this should be changed to be provider-specific, not group-specific. Could you please check and suggest this issue?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Kind Regards,


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I've been trying to set a required field (Custom field) for the customer to fill in whilst booking

 I've followed all the steps - but it still does not 


I just want the customer to answer "Food or Just drinks?"

Any help appreciated.

Hi Robert, 

Maybe I can help...Firstly are you using a ResDiary widget to take bookings?

If so, you should be able to add the custom field to your widget. 

When you go into Settings > Custom Fields > add in the custom field.

Then once you have set this up, you need to add it to the widget. 

To do this go to Settings > Online settings > Interface settings > then scroll down, under 'ResDiary Widget and Portal Settings' you will see the option of 'Custom field to display', you can then select the custom field you setup. Then save. This will then be added as a default to all your ResDiary widgets. 

If this doesn't work, then please email your ResDiary support team:



When using the Running Order display , the booking time in is listed in the 1st column. 

Can the leave time be displayed also ?

I would find this most useful.



When using the Running Order layout, the Time is shown on the 1st column.

Can the Leave Time also be added on another column.

I would find this most useful.


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