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Maximum Covers for Promotion as opposed to Area

We have two promotions running - To Dine and To Drink. We need to limit capacity at each 15min booking time for To Dine guests (from a kitchen prospective as opposed to table availability prospective) and do this via the max covers per interval / yield functionality. We can have as many To Drink guests as we have tables for. Both are bookable online. The only way I can see to limit the covers is via Areas as opposed to via Promotion. We therefore have had to designate specific areas to specific promotions. Now we have an area which we would like to designate to both To Drink and To Dine guests and this method of limiting To Dine capacity will no longer work. Does anyone have any ideas on how we can limit capacity per slot via Promotion as opposed to Area?

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I agree with this.

Being able to tick whether a specific Promotion should be "Include in max covers / booking calculations" would be extremely useful for us also.

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