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Customer order status

Just a thought, but as a host/ manager it would be helpful if we could mark a table as "order taken" for reference, especially on busy services. We've all had that customer that says they've ordered half an hour ago when in fact its 15 minutes! 

If that could go in the table status section with the drinks, starter, mains, dessert, bill buttons it would be really useful.

At the moment we manually use a printed sheet to keep track.

It would also be great to have a "deposit refunded" button

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Can you see these details when you press 'History'?  Not sure if you are using a separate POS,  But, can you see the order time on the order docket?  Ours does.

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We can’t see that option. Only the other ones that I mentioned like drinks, starters etc. It would be really useful
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