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Marketing Options Tab

Re the Marketing option tab - thanks for inclusion as a great tool for our guys.. but you have tick box for either 

  • Email and/or 
  • SMS... 
My question was can you guys include a "No" box - so when a customer says no; then we don't ask them again? As it stands, if we ask and they say no... the marketing option tab remains; which means we'll ask a customer multiple of times if they keep saying no and keep booking again with us?



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Hi Vanessa,

Thank you for your feedback, this is an issue which we have been looking into recently.

As an internal booking, when the customer profile is selected we should be pulling through their opt-in preferences and the work to make this happen is soon to be started

I will make you aware when this can be expected to be made available.

Kind regards,


Hi Vanessa,

We have made quite a few changes related to GDPR since you were last in touch with us.

One of them was that from an internal booking, the 'Marketing Options' button will show any opt-in preferences the customer profile selected has made.

The problem we can't yet fully address is the information shown when a customer chooses not to opt-in. Like you said, when a customer says no to opt-in, it would be ideal for this response to be recorded. The difficulty is that no part of the GDPR legislation asks for an opt-out choice to be made at all online as it legally has to be the default.

I understand that over the phone it is a different scenario, but it does follow the same pattern as online in that a customer not making any choice to opt-in is presumed opted-out.

I agree that hiding the option altogether based on a stated preference to not opt-in may be be one solution. We can't unfortunately validate that all our restaurant customers would want this behaviour and you do still need an option to opt-out someone who has previously opted-in.

If any changes along these line are scheduled for development I will let you know.

Kind regards.


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