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Change the name of Mobile Number to contact number

Change the mobile field to 'contact' telephone number so that if a guest just enters a landline, they do not have to enter a mobile too. 

We would like just to take one contact number, rather than have to take a mobile if a landline is just given

Hi Chris,

As customers can choose to show both numbers on their widget, one needs to be clearly distinguishable as mobile in order for our SMS integration to work where enabled.

The reason that it can be required, is that for some customers it can form part of their service SMS communications i.e. confirmations, reminders etc  

I appreciate that not everyone in the world has a mobile phone and although we have no plans to change the name of the field, I can see if we can have the telephone show only and be required instead.

Kind regards,


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Hi Dear

This is Shunking Chinese Restaurant,My name is Anni,I am a manger of the restaurant.The mobile number to receive the booking message of my originally number 0451526808 will be cancel.So please change to the new number 0451341491 for the customers booking informatiom.Thanks!

Kind Regards


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