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Multiple e-mail addresses per profile

Would be great to be able to add multiple e-mail addresses to profiles as come customers try to bypass the only one booking per profile rule by using several e-mail addresses. Would help minimising duplicate profiles. Also very helpful if customers have a work and private e-mail address and prefer to keep them separately depending on the occasion they book for. The restaurant would still be able to track their bookings and how frequent they dine.

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Hi Robert,

Thank you for your feedback.

The addition of multiple contact email addresses is a fairly common function in CRM software, where you can nominate the 'Primary address' to which emails are delivered and it helps prevent multiple records for the same individual.

Whilst we would also want to minimise duplicates, we would have some difficulty in matching a singular profile in ResDiary to more than one email used in making a booking. The reason being that we need an email and phone number to match before linking the booking to an existing customer in your database. Where work and personal numbers could be added in the telephone/mobile field, it would require us to re-structure the logic that takes place when a customer completes a reservation.

This type of change may present us some issues relating to GDPR, as you are probably aware, a customer can now legitmately ask that all their details be removed from your database which relate to a single email address. Were we to merge profiles in the way suggested, there would be difficulty in removing only one profile and related booking history. We perhaps would also need to allow for different opt-in statuses to apply in customer profiles.

I will keep this request open on the improvement request forums as we may be able to update you on changes which would help address the problems of duplicated profiles or changes to the number of emails stored in customer profiles.

Kind regards,


Thanks for looking into!

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