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Segment Priority

The functionality to have overlapping segments which the diary can use their priority to determine which one to use for a service. 

Currently the restaurant teams have to delete a time entry on our normal operations segment, create 2 new time entries on either side of a day, then create a new segment for that day that's been carved out. 

Administration would be easier for the team if they could create a segment for a special day (Such as Christmas), give it top priority and let the diary do the heavy lifting for them.

An example being if the have 3 segments (Christmas #1, a Tuesday lunch club #2 and normal operations #3). With priority they would be able to set the Tuesday lunch club as every Tuesday indefinitely and normal operations being everyday indefinitely. That way on a Tuesday the diary would assign the lunch club for the day instead of normal operations and with Christmas it would assign the Christmas segment instead of the lunch club. 

The idea of this change being able to reduce the administration time needed for altering segments for restaurants that have a lot of promotions. 

Attachment 1 to show how much administration is needed for our normal operations segment to accommodate other segments

Attachment 2 - Crude drawing but being able to drag and drop segments with higher ones having the highest priority may make this system easy to manage. With perhaps an area within the segment to create exceptions to the rule (IE if it has a lower priority but on occasion needs to overwrite a higher priority). 

Many thanks,


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Hi Jack,

Segments are fairly tricky and even when you have mastered them, it still could be a little quicker to set up.

Ordinarily, our support team help you establish your operations if they need set up with segments throughout the year and the need for interaction with this section of the diary should be minimised.

If however, you and your team are adding/removing date ranges from within segments on a regular basis, then the improvement suggested would be much easier.

I will keep this suggestion on record for the development team to pick up when they next work on this section of the diary.

Thanks very much for this feedback.

Kind regards.


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