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iPhone App

Hello I was wondering if you had any plans to release an iOS app with a VERY simple feature. What I want to be able to do is launch the app and be presented with an option to enter the table number and select ‘Close’. For example, instead of walking around the restaurant and writing down which tables are ready, I could just use this feature to quickly get that job done. I understand you have the iPad app but it’s a bit clunky to do what I need plus it’s not that easy to carry an iPad around with me.

Hi Lewis,

This is Christos from the Product Team here at ResDiary. I just wanted to confirm, when you say "enter table number and select 'Close'" you mean to close off the previous reservation that was at that time correct?

Hi Christos, Yes that’s what I mean.

Thanks for confirming Lewis. We've noted it down so we can review this should we work on any mobile apps in future

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