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In the last few years we have seen a MASSIVE increase in allergens - whether real or imaginary (by imaginary I mean guests saying they're allergic when in fact they just don't care for a particular ingredient)

I can only see this situation getting worse

Yet there isn't really a 'proper' way to deal with them in ResDiary - and for those guests who have a REAL allergy, it is critical that it doesn't get missed

We are using Booking Codes to log allergies, and we are literally at the edge of running out of letters and symbols for every allergy under the Sun

I feel the use of Booking Codes for this issue is fudging it

And anyway, a guest doesn't see a booking code when making an online booking, and so we have to manually, separately create a Booking Code reference into the booking, after receiving the online booking, and that increases administration

Allergens is such a hot topic, with the recent death of a Pret-a-Manger customer

So anything you can do to cope with this in the booking would be amazing !!

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