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blocked customers

would be helpful to have blocked customers flagged in someway earlier in the booking process. At the moment does not do until trying to complete. In busy times staff are assuming everything done and finishing call as finalising booking has a couple of extra processes and do not like keeping customers hanging on phone. Would be good to have them highlighted when name and details are matched

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Hi Martin,

I can see that were the booking process over the phone to begin with searching for available time slots for the party size/date and then selecting any promotions that you could then lead to entering a blocked customers details.

However, whenever you enter a customer in the NBP, if they are blocked it will immediately show this message and you don't need to select complete (see screenshot below) Can you check if this is the same for you?

Do you think it would work better for your staff to begin by asking the customer for a phone number / email ? Otherwise, I don't see there being any system function to flag it any earlier than it currently does i.e. upon customer selection.

Kind regards,


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