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Ethernet printer in Resdiary Plus

 Can you please add support for Ethernet printers in Resdiary Plus.  It would be great to automatically print a chit to the kitchen printer indicating that the guest has arrived, including any customer and booking notes, eg allergies, special requests etc.

We understand that only a few Bluetooth printers are compatible with Resdiary Plus, and were advised by Ewan Farry of Resdiary that the app was specifically designed to work with the Microronics TSP650ii Bluetooth Enabled Printer.

These seems to us, as I am sure, many other venues, to be extremely restrictive given that most waiting staff would be wanting to print such a docket to a kitchen printer more than likely out of bluetooth range.  Most venues would have their kitchen printer connected via Ethernet.

any progress/feedback regarding this idea, Ewan?


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