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Comment Box on Booking Widget


Like many people we would like to have control of the pre-set text in the Comments box.

The default text doesn't communicate the way we like to project to our customers.

Furthermore the fact that one needs to over-type rather than simply delete is not usual in data entry scenarios that most people interface with.

Please listen to your customers and give us control of the default text and  / or remove the default text entirely.

Please respond.  This is important to us

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Hi Warren,

Hope you and the team are well, I have just returned from annual leave so catching up on things. 

Many thanks for your feedback here and I have made sure its been passed onto the Dev team as a product feature request. As I am sure you will appreciate in the current climate in Europe our Dev team are on a reduced team, so please bear with us. 

The text in the comments box has been set as a generic default to fit the needs of our customers, that covers the purpose of the box. We also need to ensure the txt protects the venue should a request not be met.

This is standard for our widget configuration, however venues that wish to have a more tailored online booking journey make use of our API to build their own booking widget. This can be supplied to yourself, however the API is at an extra cost. Let me know if you want more information.

On your feedback regards the user typing over the txt as opposed having to delete then type, this is intentional and has shown to be the best user experience as opposed to having the need to delete first then type. If we where to remove the txt and have it blank, this would create great confusion between diner & venue. However I will pass this onto the product request team.

If there is anything else let me know and always happy to jump on a call.


Ryan Hollis 

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