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Pre-order reports

It would be great to be able to bulk print pre-orders for a particular day or sitting that contains all of the information the 'running order' home display shows but along with the customer 'Notes for restaurant' & guest comments on the dishes.  

At present there is no function to do this and it becomes a very long, laborious task to sift though all of the pre-order reports and the additional comments that aren't shown in the 'running order'. In addition the pre-order report section is very counter intuitive as it re-sets every time your return back!

It would also be good for the running order to export the reservations as you order them on the browser. For instance, I need my reservation in sitting time & table order, ascending. The export ignores the table numbers even when I choose for them to be ascending on the browser... more excel work. 

Thank you for your consideration. 

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