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Online Booking don't show in diary until you refresh....???

We joined ResDiary last week and are looking to go live online this week. I have ran a few test bookings through the system and discovered the bookings don't show in the dairy until you refresh the page or do an action that causes a refresh such as swap days or take a new booking. I fully expected the booking to auto populate into the dairy and struggled to believe this isn't the way it works. For bar tables I could have 2/3 tables book in for half an hours time and I would have no idea they're due in unless I manually refresh the page or happen to have taken a booking in the last few minutes. As soon as these bookings come in I would need to get a reserved sign on them to prevent walk ins sitting at them as like most pubs we allow people to sit anywhere unless there's a reserved sign on them. Surely I cant be the first person to run into this problem?

 I know one solution would be to use the auto refresh extension on chrome but this relies on it manually being started each time the diary is open and would also be constantly attempting to refresh regardless of if you were in the middle of taking a booking etc.

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I'm also having the same issue. Any solutions?

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