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Ability to Copy Widget Theme

Hi there, 

I just have a product suggestion that will help making the widget set up a lot easier and also making it easier for people to utilising all the custom widgets. 

Currently you have to create a venue widget from scratch, every single time when you want to create a different widget for a platform, such as website or social media. 

It would be so much easier, if I could set up one widget theme with all the right colours, logo, fonts etc - and then being able to simply "Copy" the widget style/them instantly when I want to duplicate it to set up a separate widget for another platform. 

Example: I make the exact brand style I want for my "website widget" but now I want to set up a "Facebook widget" - being able to "copy theme" from the original "website widget" across to the new "Facebook widget" would make it a lot faster & easier to set up multiple widgets. 

Thanks for your time! 

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