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Card Details - Back Button

Currently, there is a rather large flaw with the Card Details collection system.

If a user goes into the "Card Details" page with the "all bookings MUST have card details" setting on, they are presented with this:


Now, what if the customer i'm taking a booking for then says "Oh I need to give my card details? I don't have them with me" or decides they want to cancel. You may not have noticed this, but there's no button to go back from this page.

Since ResDiary has been set to not let anyone pass without card details they just trap you here with no way out of it.

Or at least, no obvious method. Turns out if you refresh or close & reopen ResDiary you'll be free, but it leaves it down as an incomplete booking and it's not very user friendly / intuitive.

I think it would be a good idea to add a method of returning to the customer detail page so users may edit details or cancel the booking.

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