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PMS - email suppression (all emails!)

Dear support,

The functionality exists to suppress confirmation emails only by channel but this really ought to be extended to cover other emails (either all by default or some sort of grouped choice).

Even by supressing confirmation emails, a resident guest (booked using Guestline PMS) who has 4 tables would receive 1 x confirmation email from the PMS AND 4 x reminder emails (2 of which land while they're staying with us), 4 x post-dining emails (2 of which land while they're staying with us. That's 9 emails for 1 stay.  (Not to mention any modification emails...)

Yes, there's an option to turn off reminders/post-dining emails for all diners but they're an important part of our non-staying diner journey.  For the staying guest, that number of emails is borderline harassment!

We currently manually edit the email address to avoid these emails but that's feeding bad data into our ResDiary database, some slip through the net, and it won't be long until we open up table bookings to the DBM when we can't control the guest emails.

I imagine more and more Rezlynx/Guestline customers are going to be using the ResDiary integration and this item seems key to it feeling smooth & sensible from the guest end.

Thanks for your time,


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I'd like to echo these comments. We have a system in place where we pop "XX" before the email in that field to ensure the resident doesn't receive numerous emails from the system which is quite off-putting. 

There must be other customers that have noticed this who've had to put in place a work around. 



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