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Close Out Removal Tracking

Dear Support,

How do we track who has removed close outs, if this is not possible, can we request development please?


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Hi Chris,

Our current function for close out notifications is an option to trigger an automated email to any number of email addresses when a service is closed from the diary. This should help inform management of any potentially unauthorised or accidental restriction of availability.

I appreciate that it can be equally problematic if availability were opened up via close outs being removed. Although this isn't currently audited within the diary, it is planned to add this to the 'Setup Changes Audit' along with the option for management to be alerted via email.

I have set the status of your request to 'Planned' and when it is added to the development schedule you should get a notification along with the expected timeframe in which this will be added.

Best regards,



can I second this feature request, please? It would be helpful to track the removal of any close out!

Thank you


Hi Daniela,

I am very glad to hear further comment on this topic, not only is it an area we are planning on developing, the signs from our forum views on this topic alone are enough for us to see that if is of high importance to our customers.

Now that you are following this topic I should be able to update you on the progress of any development work in this area.

Thanks again for your feedback,


This is a big problem for our company, is there a timescale in which this function will be available?


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