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Multiple symbols for booking codes

Hello RD team,

A question regarding booking codes.

Can you please develop an option for booking codes to contain more than one letter/symbol?

For instance, we use 'G' as a booking code for bookings with gluten free guests.
We also need a code to indicate graduations.
There is a special offer we run for graduations and with the graduation season approaching we want to be able to monitor these bookings without spending too much time on locating them. In preparation we need to monitor the number of graduation bookings for stock and reporting purposes.
Graduations, same as other promotional/special offer bookings, should be clearly indicated and easy to spot on the diary in both running order and grid views.

If booking codes would not be limited to a single letter we would be able to use G for graduations and GF for gluten free bookings. This functionality would also be useful in other occasions.

Please let us know whether this is possible.

Thank you.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,


Hi Inguna,

Thank you very much for getting in touch.

I can see the problem where our single letter character option is limited. The combination of letters together would help solve this problem and I will see if our design team can come up with a plan to improve this.

As a possible workaround to this for you at the moment, we have noticed a few customers using symbols / non-ascii characters e.g. ⚜, ♠, ♛, ☂, ♘

I appreciate this might not be ideal and I have registered this feature request to help keep you updated on any development in this area of the diary.

Kind regards,


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Hello Ewan,

Thank you for coming back to me promptly.

Thank you for logging this with the design team, hopefully it's feasible to develop.

That's a great idea! Not ideal, but for the time being as long as we have a clearly visible separate indication we can work with that. We went for a heart symbol for now.

Thank you Ewan, you have been really helpful.

Have a lovely rest of the week.

Best regards,



Please could you include the full list of available symbols to use?

Kind Regards,


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Hello, Is there a list of symbols for these codes. Or perhaps our could have a standard list of symbols. That can be used for all. EG, a carrot means vegetarian etc, etc. Thanks
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