If you've created a widget using the widget configurator and would like to distribute the link with specific parameters then add the following to your Widget URL;

For using more than one parameter, separate with '&' and omit the ?

Date: ?date=YYYY-MM-DD
Channel Code: ?channelcode=
Time: ?time=
Party size: ?partySize=
Promotion: ?promotionId=

To access the URL, you will need to refer to your provided embed code via Promote  blob1478189623047.png>  Widget Configurator and select 'Get Embed Code'

As an example, see the link below which points to a party size of 3 and a time of 10pm


**Please note that the Channel code and the Promotion codes only apply to the Standard, Fixed and Three Month widgets.**

To locate your widget URL, see the guide below;

Widget Configurator | Locating the URL only