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Tips & Tricks | Default booking URLs to your restaurant listing on

Adding booking defaults to your ResDiary Microsite URL

All ResDiary customers will receive a free listing on our booking portal. The page can be customised in various ways (see guide here

If you don't know your microsite URL, it can be found in the 'Promote' section of ResDiary and by clicking on the option 'Microsite' you can then copy the link.

You can distribute this URL to promote online bookings by adding it to social media posts, replying to customers booking enquiries, within your email footer etc and if you would like to direct your customers to a defaulted booking search, then you can add the following;

Date & Time: ?bookingDate=YYYY-MM-DD&bookingTime=HH:MM
Party size: ?covers=
Promotion?promotionId=   (your promotion ID is listed beside the promotion title)

NB: If using more than one of the above, seperate them by with &

 As an example, the link below would point to the 31st December 2018 at 19:30 for a promotion with ID 12345 and a party size of 5.


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